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Welcome to Housecheck Inspection Services. For 18 years, we have been dedicated to helping home buyers get a clear understanding of their chosen home selection, to address concerns and any potential issues, with the finest in home inspections and inspection reports.  Experienced, knowledgable, and friendly, we are here to serve our client's interests.

We are known for providing home inspections all over Napa County, Sonoma County, Lake County and Mendocino County with affordable home inspections that consistently meet or exceed the Standards of Practice.  Call 707-245-7545 for a free estimate.


I am a professional home inspector.  If you think hiring a professional is too expensive, wait till you hire an amateur.  The few dollars you think you could save may cost you thousands of dollars down the road because of missed or overlooked defects, or blatant cover-ups to sell a house which is not safe.  As with most services, you get what you pay for. 

Never buy a house without an inspection.  Home repairs are one of the costliest expenses consumers face according to Consumer Reports.  A Housecheck inspection and report will arm you with the knowledge to negotiate the best possible price.  There is no need for interpretation by anyone else.  You will readily understand a Housecheck Inspection Report.

I have earned Four Master Inspector Certifications from four different inspection organizations. I set my own standards, which are higher than those set by inspection associations.

I take great pride in going the extra mile, giving my customers more than they expect; like a report loaded with pictures, a 90 day warranty, an hour or more for a walk around to discuss what I have found and to answer any questions, and a bound hard copy of the report as well as the PDF.  Of course, you are always welcome to call me any time with additional questions or concerns, days, weeks or months down the road.

We provide a comprehensive and easy-to-read report averaging 60 to 80 pages: room by room, system by system, with lots of pictures and narratives.  No other inspection report can equal ours.  There are no acronyms to decipher and no check boxes.   I promise you will not need a secret decoder ring. 


More than 5,000 satisfied home buyers have trusted Housecheck to provide them with peace of mind in making their decision on a home purchase.   With our proven reputation for thorough inspections and quality reports, as well as a steady A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can be confident in knowing what and who you are getting.  A home inspector is not a code enforcer, but should be a safety inspector.  All my  inspections are consistent with the California Health and Safety Act and Section 7195 of the Business and Professions Code.

Beware of a home inspector who does not ask you to sign an agreement.  That is a red flag that he has NO errors and omissions insurance.  This puts you at financial risk for any unreported defects.


*****   I would like to thank you for your professionalism and speedy delivery on my homeowners inspection report.  Andrea Villasenor  02/02/2020

*****  Byron,  I want to thank you, not only for your professional and competent method, but for your personable manner.  You have provided relevant and detailed information on this property.  Our sincere thanks for a job well done!  Bill Huffman  01/24/2020

*****  Wow, what a detailed report.  That is a lot of work!  Thank You for giving the house such a good rating.  Frank and Lucie Hock   01/03/2020

*****  Hi Byron!  Thanks for the great and detailed  report we are still reading  it.  Can you please send me contact for the septic inspetion in case we will decide to do it?  Also do you know any good electrician? Thanks again,  sincerely Olga Justus Lichy   01/02/2020

*****   Thank you so much for everything. We are really looking forward to moving into our new home.  Also received hard copy of inspection report, very nicely printed and bound.    Thanks once again. – V. Gray, Fort Bragg 2019

*****  I think this is wonderful that you offer the 90 home warranty.  Sets you apart for sure.  Since it covers the hot water heater and the electrical panel, I think it is worth it.   Thanks. – N. Calkins, Forestville
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"Certified" is not the same as "Qualified".  Going online with a credit card to get a certification is not the same as being trained, taking hands-on courses with proctored exams and meeting the highest standards and education.  The State does not license or regulate home inspectors and there are virtually no standards. This is not a time to shop prices because what you will receive differs a great deal depending on experience, credentials, training, insurance, report writing, and conduct of  home inspectors.

Every Housecheck home inspection is backed by a 90 Way Warranty and our Errors and Omissions Insurance.  Because there is no California requirement, most other home inspectors offer neither one.  Buying a house is a major long-term financial commitment.  The level of service, quality of reports and background education vary widely from one inspector to another.  Go with a Pro.

California Trade Practice Act (Chapter 338) prohibits a home inspector from making any repairs to a property he has inspected.


Over the years I have been contacted by many new buyers asking advice because the first home inspector recommended by their realtor or a friend did not report on a major issue.  I even have a copy of a letter from an enraged realtor to the inspector stating her client had spent $9,400, invoice enclosed, and what did he intend to do about it. Another had to reroof his house when he moved in to the tune of $20,000, and yet another had her plumber investigate the horrible aroma permeating the house and discovered open sewer lines with waste that was months old.  That inspector called her names I can’t repeat when she complained.

We are all human and we make mistakes.  But I take steps to insure that my clients are protected from major costs.  Hence, Errors and Omissions Insurance. It is mandatory in states that license their home inspectors. I also offer free 90 day warranty and in 18 years of inspecting I have never had a major claim.


Judge the home inspector by the quality of the Inspection Report which should speak for itself.  A professional report is well written, skillfully prepared, and leaves nothing to your imagination.  It should be well organized and systematically cover every room, component and system.  Some reports can be a disorganized volume of comments and pictures, with redundancies as well as omissions, that will leave you confused and unsure.  My reports are specific to your property from cover to cover, and contain NO FILLERS.


If you are buying a house in need of major repairs and are financing it with a 203(k) loan, I am the local FHA/HUD Consultant and Inspector and would be happy to discuss this process with you.




Our main focus is to provide FULL SERVICE for our clients.  Our residential inspections are designed to be an educational experience for the buyers who receives much more than a report.   We include these additional services at no cost to you:

Free!  WALK-AROUND FOLLOWING INSPECTION - Following my inspection, I invite you to walk around with me to discuss what I have found, explore remedies and to answer any questions you have.  There is no time limit placed on this.

Free!  THERMAL IMAGING DETECTION - By utilizing my infrared camera, I can detect costly leaks and potentially dangerous electrical hot spots. 

Free!  90 DAY WARRANTY - Each home buyer will receive a 90 Day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty from American Home Warranty, from the date of the inspection. 

Free!  ERRORS AND OMISSIONS INSURANCE - Our inspection reports are backed by errors and omissions insurance.

Free!  60+ PAGE INSPECTION REPORT - Every page is specific to the home inspected.  There are no fillers.  In addition to providing you with the PDF of your inspection report, I will mail you a printed copy in a plastic cover for easy reference.  

Free!  E-BOOK FOR HOME MAINTENANCE - And, finally I will send you a valuable 225 page e-book.  This book is designed to provide you with tips and information to keep your family safe and your home in top condition.


"You simply cannot find a better home inspector anywhere, at any price."


To make sure you’re not buying a money pit, you need a professional home inspection before you commit to probably the most expensive purchase you have ever made.  As a former contractor, I have built every kind of house, e.g. two story stucco houses, modular houses and foundations on which to set mobile/manufactured houses.

My experience includes:

-   Home construction started at the age of 11
-   Past President of American Institute of Inspectors (3 terms)

-   Former Region 1 Director for the California Real Estate Association
-   Former Municipal Building Inspector

-   State Approved Trainer of Licensed Home Inspectors in WA, OR and NV
-   FHA/HUD Inspector/Consultant for 203(k) loans since 2012

With an MBA in Construction Management, I can tell you that home inspecting demands far more detailed education in every discipline than a general contractor.  Home Inspecting requires a unique combination of disciplines, skills and education involving many elements that are particularly complex in order to perform the very detailed job of investigating a property.


This primarily visual examination is intended to detect defects within the home’s appliances and structural integrity. The assessment also focuses on components nearing the end of their lifespan, or having suffered damage due to neglect, and are deemed unsafe. The findings will be compiled in a written report looking primarily at the following components:

  • Roof
  • Structure
  • Exterior
  • Electrical systems
  • Heating and Air Conditioning systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Insulation and Air/Vapor Barriers
  • Interior
  • Mechanical and Natural Ventilation systems

When you shop for a home, whether you are looking for a fixer-upper, new construction, or one in move-in condition, there are generally essential components that make up any structure.  Some things that are often overlooked are wear and tear, or components nearing the end of or past their life expectancy.  Another factor to take into consideration is the change in building codes and materials since the original construction.  A professional home inspection covers all of that. 

A structural inspection takes full inventory of those physical structures that literally hold a house together.  When they fall into disrepair, whether due to the ravages of time, natural disasters, or faulty workmanship, they often cost big bucks to repair. 

Crumbling Chimney in Attic       Scary Crawl Space

This attic and the crawl space are where the most secrets are revealed.  A crumbling chimney is a fire hazard at the very least.  The lack of an upward draft that this causes could fill the attic with smoke and carbon monoxide.  Those falling supports under this two story home are scary and need immediate attention.

A home inspector who is not up to the task might very well miss the fact that the nice looking deck is a safety hazard.   And the startling fact is most do not know how a deck should be built, not even those who were contractors who built decks.  If they did, I would not find one in three decks unsafe. 
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I am a Certified Thermographer utilizing my infrared camera to reveal hidden defects. Thermal imaging or infrared allows us to see what our eyes cannot. CLICK HERE for more information


On a personal note, I have lived in this  area for 20 years, have built homes in this area, donated time and crew to working with Habitat for Humanity, am active in my church and have been on a local School Board for six years.


If you are about to put your home on the market, a pre-listing inspection will put you ahead of the competition.  It will alert you to any immediate issues discovered before potential buyers tour your home.  Then, any issues or repairs can be resolved ahead of time without rushing, which will help the home show better and give you time for repair choices.  This alone can save you a considerable amount of money.  Without a pre-listing inspection, defects can cause unreasonable price adjustment demands from the buyer or even kill the sale and escrow may drag on instead of closing quickly and smoothly.

You will have a beautiful and informative Inspection Report to show the buyers.  CLICK HERE for more information.


You have found a potential property investment in the Northern California Wine Country that will suit your needs and it shows promising growth in equity and profits.  With my experience in inspecting a diverse range of commercial properties, I can supply you with a commercial property condition assessment report that will further reduce the financial risk you are about to undertake.  This report can be used as a tool for negotiations.

The purpose of the Physical Condition Survey was to evaluate the building's structural condition and the performance of the principal building systems.  Choose only a professional commercial inspector who will inspect and report on every area.  Only if destructive discovery is required should a contractor be called in.    CLICK HERE for more information




As a professional,
I maintain my long standing memberships in the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), the two largest and most prominent national home inspector associations who set the standards for industry-wide protocols.


We take your privacy seriously.  Nowhere on this website do we ask you to fill in your contact information.  That ploy is used by some to sell your contact information to advertisers and vendors.  We collect no personal information or data, other than what is required for our insurance and the inspection report.  Also, we do not collect credit card information over the internet.

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