You're Too Damn Thorough!

I have been told this by a few realtors because they think using me will jeopardize their commission, but I was just told this by a potential client who wants a pre-sale inspection.  He plans to sell his house in the fall and he built it himself.  It appeared to me that he was unsure of the buiding's safety and structure.  Maybe it was lacking some permits or wasn't built to code.  Perhaps a few handyman repairs had been done.  He lives on the coast and the winter winds and rains can be brutal.  He called me back and said after reading my website, he wasn't going to use me because "you're too damn thorough."   Left me to wonder what he was afraid I would find.

Since the realtor he is going to use recommended me in the first place, I may have the last laugh because I feel certain that six months from now, the potential buyer will call me to inspect that exact same property.

Evidently, the seller is not a fan of the full disclosure law.  He had better have a good lawyer.