What is Thermal Imaging & What are its Benefits?

Thermal Imaging or Infra Red Scanning is not X RAY nor will it do the same thing.  Thermal Imaging cannot see through anything and that includes clothing so it does not invade anyone's privacy.  Infra Red Thermal technology reads the difference in temperature from one area or item to another nearby, e.g. a damp spot which has an evaporation process will be a different temperature than the sheetrock or flooring the damp spot is on.  The temperature and a differing color will denote the suspected moisture which can then be verified by a moisture meter.  Electrical issues, air loss either in or out of a building, lack of insulation, even a roof or plumbing leak can be detected when there is a temperature change thus  pinpointing the anomaly. 

The science of understanding and properly using Thermal Imaging equipment and reporting the obtained information is both costly and time consuming.  Renting or borrowing a camera is pointless unless one has extensive training in its usage.  Interpreting the findings is far more important than the images made by the camera.  The capabilities of the camera, the operator and other supportive instruments is vital.

The findings from Thermal Imaging of a home or other building can and often does save thousands of dollars in repairs, remedial work and utility bills.  Imaging locates moisture intrusion, water leaks and dangerous electrical conditions which when found can prevent a house fire or in some instances a fatality.

Thermal Imaging often reveals issues and concerns that a visual only home inspection alone will not detect.  Thermal imaging can see what the eye cannot.