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Thank you for these unsolicited testimonials and many others.
I have hundreds of satisfied customers because
my service is not only of the highest technical caliber
but my service is personal and my reports are unmatched.


Thank you so much for everything. We are really looking forward to moving into our new home.  Also received hard copy of inspection report, very nicely printed and bound. 

   Thanks once again. - Veronica Gray, Fort Bragg - September 2019

I think this is wonderful that you offer the 90 home warranty.  Sets you apart for sure.  Since it covers the hot water heater and the electrical panel, I think it is worth it.   Thanks. – Nancy Calkins, Forestville,  August 2019


   Thank you so much. This report is so detailed and impressive. -
   Natalie Phillips, Cobb,  August 2019

As a contractor, I have been called to verify dozens and dozens of inspection reports and I have never seen a report as thorough and as clear as this Housecheck inspection report I just had on my own new home purchase.  Highly recommend Byron for his professionalism.  

W. Forwood, Hidden Valley Lake Inspection, July 2019


We are a working class family, not rich, but since we have a multi-generational household, we selected a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house with a mind-boggling price tag that kept me up nights.  I had read that major repairs on homes are the largest expenditures that homeowners face so I definitely did not want that in my future.  Byron's credentials were impressive and his years of experience undeniable.  His inspection took hours, was thorough, carefully explained everything to us and his report was priceless.  Living in our new home for six months now and could not be happier that we chose Housecheck Inspection Services for our peace of mind.

Deborah and Rick Rowett, Fairfield

Review by Freya Magnusson - The reason I chose this man's work over the others is the extreme attention to detail he takes and the very clear list of what he can and cannot comment on. Many people think just a home inspection is sufficient to gauge the property's assessment. It's not. He spells out what needs follow up from a licensed professional specializing in the area of expertise, namely structural engineers, soil stability experts, licensed electricians, and so on. He's very clear in his report what he can and can't comment on. He's inspected three properties for me and I'd definitely hire again and again.

Thank you so much for taking Daphne through her soon to be new home.  All your information will be so helpful to her.  And also thank you for the speedy report.  You are awesome. Thank you, thank you.

Teresa Willyard, Coldwell Banker, Napa              

Hello Byron,

Thank you for the inspection report and the warranty.  We appreciate everything you have done.  

Best regards,

   Audry Last   

I would very much like to recommend Mr. Byron Duerksen and Housecheck Services to anyone in need of a home inspection.  Mr. Duerksen is passionate about his work, and his inspections and reports are unquestionably honest, completely thorough, straight-forward and accurate.

I recently purchased a home that had been foreclosed, and the seller - a disinterested bank in the Midwest - was initially unwilling to adequately address certain issues that were discovered in Mr. Duerksen's inspection.  Mr. Duerksen spent several hours at the property, returning numerous times, to get the seller's agent on board and to help close the deal.

I am extremely happy with Mr. Duerksen's efforts on my behalf.  In today's marketplace, it is refreshing and comforting to have a knowledgeable, dedicated professional in your corner.  I would recommend Mr. Byron Duerksen and Housecheck Services to anyone interested in obtaining a home inspections.


John J. Langan
Attorney at Law
Lake County, California

A few weeks ago during an office training session, our Healdsburg Sotheby's International Realty agents were introduced to Byron Duerksen, a home inspector who works in several counties in our area. Byron had an impressive stack of credentials behind him. He's certified not just by the major building inspection organizations, but by outfits I've never heard of. If it has to do with inspecting, Byron has probably done it and gotten his certificate.

Now, we all know that having credentials isn't the same thing as knowing what you're doing, but I figured with his background and the knowledge he demonstrated at our staff meeting that I would take him for a test drive on my next escrow. Luckily for both of us, I needed his services within a few days of our initial meeting.

I have a buyer who is herself very skilled in home renovation and building technology so I figured it was a great chance to see what he could do.From the minute he showed up on the property he demonstrated a strong sense of competence and cooperation. The power was off. He got it on. The water was off. He got it on. My buyer had some initial questions about potential sloping floors and irregular base board. He handled her questions with aplomb and continued with his detailed inspection.Later in the process, more questions occured that had to do with future improvements and wall moving.

Byron gave careful and detailed answers, explaining the roof truss layout and where they were floating over the walls rather than bearing on them. It's a question we might have answered by crawling around the attic ourselves, but Byron was willing to work with the buyer to answer her questions and to take the extra time to make sure all her questions about the property were answered. In my experience, some inspectors are unwilling to go the extra mile to handle questions from the seller that might not be related to the inspection. Byron didn't give any indication of boredom or overwork. He was delighted to share his knowledge and it showed.

By the end of the day, I really wouldn't have cared if Byron had any credentials or not. He demonstrated deep knowledge of his profession and a bedside manner towards the client that made her feel respected and appreciated as the client. Not every inspector...or every real estate agent...can pull that off.If you're in Sonoma, Lake, or other nearby areas, I highly recommend Byron Duerksen as a home inspector.

Dave Roberts, Sotheby's Healdsburg

"You're the best certified Home Inspector in the entire Northern California that I know. You always go far and beyond your Job title! We need more kind and honest people like your Wife & you! Also the way you two run your business is very professional, the reports that Byron writes up are very clear and understandable! That's very important to a First time Home buyers & any home buyers for that matter. You make people feel good about the Home they are about to purchase or to stay away from any possible hidden money pits! Thank you for making a great experience for our customers & future customers to come! :-)"

Ryan and Karen Loving, Kelseyville

Byron: My house sold to the first persons that looked at it. They were impressed with your detailed report and I forwarded the Email on to the Agent and told them you would be willing to discuss anything on the report that concerned them. It is an All Cash 30 day escrow  - no contingencies or reports requested only the septic clearance. Should close on 5/18. I'm glad it went quickly but it still is a shock. I am not the selling agent only the listing agent. Guess God wants me to move.

Thanks again Byron for your part.

Martha Lutiens, Realtor

Hi Byron,

With all the craziness of buying and selling at the same time, I just want to take a moment and say thank you for such great service.  I appreciate your hard work, knowledge and willingness to walk through and explain everything to me.  

Thank you,  Tina E. Moore



About three years ago you did a very good house inspection for me on a house in Clearlake. I'm buying a rental property in San Francisco and hoping you might know of someone as good as you that does home inspections in SF.

Any help would be appreciated.


Gregg Montarano

Hello Byron,

Thank you so much for all of your help, you have been very informative and gracious. I truly appreciate your expertise facilitating the process of purchasing my first home.

Hope to see you again soon,

Julia Gilardoni


Thank you very much for your thorough inspection & explaining things in terms I could understand.  Your service is invaluable & provides peace of mind that all the money I have in this world is not being wasted on a money pit.  This book you have provided me should help me along my way of home ownership & is icing on the cake of your great service!  If you have a site or pamphlet which includes testimonials, feel free to publish my statements above.  You deserve much praise!  

Thank you again for the great service you provide,

R. Morrill

Hi Bryon, Thank you so much for such a thorough and detailed report, and also doing it so quickly.  Love the pictures and look forward to sitting down and reading it front to back.  If we have any questions I will e-mail you.  We are very impressed with your professionalism and will refer others to you in the future. 

Sincerely, Barbara Armanino

Byron was great, he knew his stuff, got into everything, and above all else he was very personable.  It was a pleasure meeting him and working with him.

Jeffrey Barron, San Francisco

Thank you for this detailed clear inspection report. I have to say, this has been one of the easiest to read inspection reports that I have ever read!!!
  Usually I find they are incomprehensible and poorly laid out. But I was able to follow very well and it seems the house is in great shape. Thank you Byron for the inspection and your report. 

Fenella Das Gupta

We just wanted to say "thank you" so very much for everything you have done for us and all the advice you have given us these past "long" months!  We cannot tell you how great it has been to have you in our corner.  It's given us some "peace of mind" in this crazy ride of trying to buy this house.  You are so kind and we just wanted you to know you are appreciated by us!!

 John and Teresa Lewis

Byron-  I received the hard copy of your report - very professionally assembled. Thanks again for all your efforts. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection. 


Brian Rippee

Hi Byron,

I felt the need to write a testimonial for your service-

I almost skipped a home inspection on a recent home purchase because the home was newer and built by a respected builder- I felt it would be a waste of money but on the insistence of a friend I called Housecheck. My friend had bought a new home years back that had been inspected but the initial inspectors failed to catch mistakes that a few years later resulted in thousands of dollars in water/drainage damages. My friend said that he decided to call Housecheck to inspect and help identify what had gone wrong. Byron was able to explain the issues and corrective actions needed to resolve a drainage issue that should had been caught early. Had Housecheck done the intital inspection, my friend is convinced he would not had faced thousands of dollars in water damages versus the few hundred needed for drains that would had prevented the problem in the first place.

Byron from Housecheck inspected the home we were buying and indeed found some issues- water damage and wood rot under the hill side home. Byron's detailed pictures and summary helped us get the seller to pay for the repairs and take corrective action to avoid the same issues again. The small amount I paid for the inspection is nothing compared to what I would had to spend on repair bills or worse yet- if not found early could have resulted in more significant damages down the road. I could tell this home inspector is passionate about his job and inspected it as if he were buying it for his own.

Thank you Housecheck!


Stephanie and Ash Pahwa

I'm so appreciative to you for taking the extra time and care you took with me.  I can be a bundle of nerves!  You and your work is excellent and I'm sure your inspection will help us alot!  I'll pass your card on to others I meet up in Kelseyville that need an excellent inspector!  :)

Only the best to you!

Bill and Susan Sanderson, Bullhead, Arizona

While visiting my brother, a contractor in Arizona, we got to discussing home inspections.  He does repairs and remodeling based on home inspectors' reports.  I told him I was hunting for a home in the Wine Country and extolled the virtues of Byron Duerksen who I have had do three inspections for me.  I asked my brother to see the inspection reports he had and after viewing them, it really hit home how fortunate I was to have Byron in my corner.   He also is so knowledgeable in his walk-arounds that I couldn't help but be impressed, and when he told me he was planning to go to a conference for further education, I laughed and told him he doesn't need any more conferences or classes.  He is way ahead of the pack.

Thanks for looking out for us -- Byron's inspections are a "God send!"  Without them, we'd be in lots of "deep water!" 

Joanne and Lenny Cook, Texas and soon to be in Upper Lake, CA


Subject: Lorraine Village inspection----

Received your written report and the report is great and I do thank you for a job well done----and thank you for the very reasonable price-----

Feel free to use my name and phone and E-mail----

Jack Whitesell
Prescott, Arizona

I was referred to Byron Duerkesen by my realtor.  Byron welcomed me to accompany him during the inspection.  He is incredibly professional, knowledgable, considerate, dedicated and generous with his time.  I learned so much from his observations about the house that we eventually purchased.  And the formal report that he sent soon after the inspection is very impressive and helpful.  In every respect, Byron delivered above and beyond my expectations.  I most highly recommend him to anyone needing an excellent home inspector.  

K Wong,
Santa Rosa, CA

I really cant express how thankful I am that you guys were there to take care of the house...thank you a TON, you guys are the BEST!!!!

Cassie Pivniska, Realtor
Lakeport, CA

Dear  Byron & Sylvia -

This evening Adam brought the keys to the house & we actually took possession.  After four months of a very bumpy ride, we have successfully completed this transaction!  I am very excited to be getting on with the next phase - moving in and putting the personal touches on the house to make it our home.  I think my family will be very happy there for many years.

Thank you so much to all of you who have been a part of this.  You have had a positive influence in our lives and we are very grateful.

Good job!

Martha Russell and family

Although I live in Pennsylvania, it didn't take me long to select Byron Duerksen after talking to several Lake County inspectors and to him.  It was obvious right from the start that this was the guy who knew his stuff.  I hired him to inspect a home I wanted to purchase on top of a bluff with a million dollar view.  I had seen it years earlier when I was in the area and was mesmerized by the fabulous view. It was advertised as "your dream home."  I really wanted it.  It was a nightmare, but I knew it would be and I had budgeted $50,000 to fix it.  But it soon became apparent that that wouldn't be enough. 

So I found another home in the same area that was in move-in condition.  Byron inspected it and the report was good.  Financing turned out to be an issue I couldn't get resolved. 

So once again, I had Byron inspect a third house in the same area with the same view.  It needed lots of work but mostly updating from the 1970s and it was livable.  I closed escrow and recently came out to visit my new purchase and stayed for two weeks.  Had some work done on it.  It'll make the ideal retirement home.  It was the perfect choice, and Byron was also the perfect choice.

Richard Steele,
Tobyhanna, PA

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