Seller Inspections

I don't know why Seller Inspections are not more popular here in the California Wine Country. 

I would think that Listing Agents would jump at the chance to brag that the property they have listed had been thoroughly inspected by a Professional Home Inspector and that any issues found have been repaired and the home is now Move-In Certified.  It saves the buyers a lot of time and expense to know that the house that meets all the items on their checklist is turnkey ready.  The Seller and the Listing Agent generally can be assured of a quick close without last minute negotiations or price reductions.

PRE-INSPECTION LISTINGS are being used very successfully in metropolitan areas and real estate sales move quickly.  Rural areas need to catch up, especially those realtors who think a home doesn't need an inspection, or the inspection report by the contractor turned inspector of 8 months ago will do fine.  He didn't find anything wrong, which could be due to incompetence, but even so, the property will not be exactly the same as it was 8 months ago.  Especially, taking winter storm damage and rain runoff into account.

Seller Inspections are much smarter and may someday eclipse the standard buyer inspections.  Buyers are sick of paying good money to find out they have a lot of work and expenses  ahead.