Upon arrival at a home with a lake view to die for, I viewed major damage which appeared to be deliberate in a home inspection in Kelseyville.  Not only was there a very unacceptable remark painted over the garage door, the lower level of the home had experienced a flood which was caused by shower water spraying on a bathroom wall for what may have been days.  Not only was the wall damaged, the floors on that entire level had been soaked, carpets destroyed, walls had wicked water up the sheetrock which had then caused mold,  the water had also soaked through the floors to the area under the home. 

Upon walking into the area under the entire house rotting floors, floor joist and beams were observed.  Though all of the damage can be repaired and make this a lovely home again, it will cost thousands of dollars.  This home inspector has found major damage to be fairly common when inspecting foreclosed properties.