Manufactured Homes Formerly Known as Mobile Homes

This is an interesting subject, if not a really touchy issue with some realtors.  Mobile Homes have been around for decades and come in single wide, double wide and even triple wide versions.  Each portion is delivered by a truck designed to tow what is actually a trailer on axles and wheels with tail lights, brakes and a tow hitch.  The unit is then placed on a perimeter foundation that has been built, prior to arrival.  Contrary to popular belief the foundation does not support the mobile unit.  It in fact is supported by concrete blocks or metal jack stands at key locations along the steel "I" beams it is built on.  The term itself "mobile home" became tainted some years ago and a new name of "manufactured home"  was adopted.  In either case the manufacture/mobile home is built at a factory complete with cabinetry, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and floor coverings.  The separate portions are attached to each other at "marriage" lines with plumbing, wiring etc then connected to become one unit.

The newer models are as comfortable and safe as many stick built homes.  I have inspected mobile homes in lovely communities that are 20 to 30  years old and well maintained, except for the more ornamental cabinetry, wall paneling and different plumbing, you could not tell the home was decades old.

Manufactured/mobile homes differ from other types of housing in a number of ways among them the fact they are built on the steel "I" beams, have axles which are usually removed leaving only the spring attachments, plumbing fittings and fixtures which often differ and electrical panels, furnaces and water heaters made for mobile homes.  There are metal ID Plates on each separate unit and  a manufacturers  information label usually located in a kitchen or laundry room cabinet.  By law they are not to be removed but often they are, sometimes it is in an effort to conceal their true identity.