Attics and Crawl Spaces

  An inspection with no investigation of the attic and the crawl space is no inspection at all.  Don't try to save money by skipping these areas as 80% of serious issues are found in the crawl spaces and attics.

This is what was holding up a 2-story house -- so far.  Wouldn't you like to know about conditions like this if you were buying the house?  

Photographed by Dan Huckins, Master Inspector

This chimney looks just fine from the outside, but inside was another story.


Attics and Crawl Spaces could have rodents.  Their urine and feces could be exposing you to Murine Typhus, Hanta Virus from rats (the primary carrier is the white footed deer mouse) and any number of other bacterial diseases.  Any professional inspector will wear a respirator when inspecting these areas.  There are extreme occasions when the crawl space or attic must first be cleaned and fumigated by a professional before anyone can enter safely.