Don't Overlook a Deck Inspection

Byron Duerksen wants to educate the buyer to not ever overlook the value of having your deck inspected and certainly do not eliminate this from your home inspection to save money.  Decks kill and injure more people every year than any other structure in the home.  Well over fifty percent of new and newer decks are built improperly.  Many decks are built without a permit, built by homeowners or handymen who mean well but do not know how to build a safe deck.  They do not know the proper lumber size, the spans between supports, the correct hangers, the absolute necessity for rust-proof bolts with washers, and the spacing requirements.  Get the most qualified home inspector who is certified by the largest and most respect home inspection association such as ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors.  I have belonged to ASHI for years and hold their highest certification.  I also was certified by Simpson Ties, a leader in the industry. 

Do NOT use the deck until you know it is safe.