Costly Mistakes

Today I was running errands and going to my truck, which clearly states that I am a home inspector, when I was stopped by a gentleman who works for the city (which shall remain nameless).  After asking me about my experience and knowledge as a certified home inspector, he told me about some costly mistakes that the city had made recently. 

In an effort to rehabilitate several small abandoned properties, the city powers-that-be, without much forethought, chose a local home inspector to inspect each property and give the city a report on each.  The reports were to be used to provide contractors with the necessary information for feasibility, budgeting and repairs needed to bring the properties up to comfortable living standards.  He said many issues were overlooked in the reports and the city wound up spending tens of thousands of dollars beyond their projected budget for each property.  He asked for my brochure which I gave him and said I would be hearing from him.

It is essential to have an inspector experienced in foreclosures if you are attempting to buy one.  There is a huge potential for a money pit, otherwise.