I feel it is vitally important to advance your education in whatever field you choose.  So, I look forward to attending two home inspection conferences each year all over the United States.  I booked this particular conference early and paid for everything in advance so I wouldn't have to think about it at the last minute.  The weeks leading up to the conference proved to be jam-packed and I was wondering if I ought to leave my business for a few days to go.

Long story short, I went and when I arrived Sunday night I still wasn't sure I had made the right choice.  Then I got up early and ran in to Carl Fowler of 3D Inspection Software and we spent a couple of hours together going over his new innovations in reporting software.  I've known him for 12 years and even visited him and his family in Florida a few years ago.  

Was glad to see MikeYoung of 203k and catch up on some changes he is making now that his son-in-law is joining his business. 

And who could ignore Catherine Hall of 203k In-A-Box.  Three years ago, I invited Catherine to teach a class at an AII Conference in Portland.  She is even more enthusiatic now, if that's possible.

And last but by no means least -- Nick Gromicko, Founder and President of interNACHI was hosting the event and taught a fabulous class.  His new book "How To Run a Successful Home Inspection Business" is a steal for $19.95.  Every brand new inspector should have it, read it and apply it and we older veterans in the home inspection industry like me just love this stuff.

Nick and I go back to 2006 when I invited him to come to our Reno Conference and talk to our inspectors about marketing.   He blew the doors off the box that everyone always talks about thinking outside of (bad grammar, I know).  He is an innovative marketer.  As soon as I heard him talk that day, I joined NACHI immediately.

I am a Certified Master Inspector and at this Las Vegas Conference, Nick surprised me by awarding me a beautiful trophy that gleams in my bookcase and a stunning plaque that I'm hanging on the wall right above my desk.  He called me his "buddy" and he is a true friend.

Enjoyed all the classes but the camaraderie is immeasurable.

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