National Conferences

Last January, I flew to Nashville to attend the ASHI World Conference and I met so many interesting people, some with products I didn't know I couldn't live without and lots of other inspectors from all over the US and Canada.  Got a little more education and made a few more friends.  It was definitely worth the time and money.

Now, through NACHI, I have registered for the 2014 Inspectiom Conference in Las Vegas in mid October.  I am really looking forward to it although I don't gamble, but I have found I learn a lot from other inspectors as well as from the classes.  In a strange way, the tips and tricks you pick up from other inspectors are more valuable than some of the classes.

The thing I have noticed is that I never see any of my local competitors at these conferences.  It would be a good chance to get to know them.  I am sure they are all great guys and I know I am :-)  There's plenty of business to go around.

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