Home Inspector Lists for a Fee


There are a plethora of companies on the web who make money by providing potential buyers with either lists of home inspectors and their phone numbers (like the Yellow Pages) and charging the buyer a “membership fee” or even worse companies providing the home inspectors with "leads" to chase after and charging the home inspector a “membership fee” plus a fee for each lead.

For the most part, these potential buyers are looking for the cheapest fee.  They are not interested in quality of service, years of experience, or a comprehensive inspection report that could save them thousands of dollars and probably some heartache, because if they were, they would get online and spend some time doing their due diligence. 

This marketing technique would work ideally for that inspector who advertises $295 for any inspection.  He spends 45 minutes to an hour “inspecting” and provides an 8 page report.  The only thing missing is a disclaimer in teeny tiny print that states:  “I have no personal or business assets and I have no insurance, so don’t even think of suing me.”  Frankly, I doubt if anyone who would settle for a $295 inspection would spend a dime on an attorney regardless of the outcome.

No professional home inspector who has spent years honing his skills, thousands of dollars on classes, conferences and seminars, would put his hard earned reputation on the line to become some sort of “ambulance chaser.”

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