Water, Water Everywhere

Just completed a home inspection in Lakeport on a steep hillside where even though it hadn't rained in a couple of weeks, water was running down the hillside on both sides of the house.  The buyer was very concerned.

Three things will ruin a home -- water, water and water.  It causes wood rot and decay.  It creates a conducive condition for many wood destroying insects and it creates an environment in which toxic molds form and flourish.  The concern about water intrustion into a home is certainly valid and the detection of that intrusion is paramount in the investigation by a professional home inspector.  A thermal imaging camera is a huge help in identifying the exact location of the intrusion if any.

In this particular case, there was no evidence of intrusion at all.  The French Drain that had been installed behind the house was successfully diverting all runoff on the hillside away from the structure.  I would have to say that a French Drain is mandatory for any proprerty located on a hillside.  Having this diversion will prevent many headaches in the coming years, and remove worries during long rainy winter season.

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