In a recent addition to my home inspector web site regarding smoke detectors, I mentioned the potential hazards of clothes dryers when the dryer vent or filter gets clogged with lint.

Today's Press Democrat November 11, 2010 reports such an event.  The Rincon Valley Fire Department reports that a Manka Circle home fire was caused by a clothes dryer fire.  Damage amounted to $250,000 in home destruction and another $200,00 in home contents.  Much of the garage and the roof of the 2 story home were destroyed by fire with additional damage from heat, smoke and water.

It is imperative that lint filters and vent lines be kept clean.  In my home inspections I have found the vent line leading out of or under the home badly clogged with lint.  As this recent article verifies the condition of lint build up in the dryer and vent system is one of the many easily preventable causes of home fires.

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