My Job Isn't Done Until You Are Satisfied

Too many home inspectors have a “like it or lump it” attitude.  That is not the way I run my business.  If the buyer, or the realtor or even the lender has a concern after receiving my inspection report, I do my best to address it.  Sometimes, it takes returning to the property to re-evaluate.  Many times it is because the utilities were not all on at the time of the inspection.  Other times, it’s because the seller has taken it upon himself to make a repair and the buyer is not comfortable unless I return and make sure the repair was made properly and the item is fully functional. Then I update the report.

I work for the buyer and for the realtor.  Going in, we know that the buyer wants the house.  And certainly the realtor wants to sell it.  My job, as I see it, is to provide the missing link, the details of the property to both the buyer and the realtor, and if that information is not enough, then I work to provide more facts and suggestions so that the buyer is knowledgeable about the property and comfortable with his purchase. 

I provide a 90 day warranty on every home inspection because sometimes, a stove for instance will function just fine during the inspection but one or two burners do not function once the buyer has taken possession.  Further, I have a general liability policy as well as errors and omissions insurance in case something major were to go wrong.  It hasn’t happened in 17 years but that’s what insurance is for. 

So, if you choose me to be your home inspector, know that my job isn’t done until you are satisfied.

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