Pre-Listing Inspections

For years I have tried to convince sellers and their realtors to have a home inspection prior to listing.  Put the report on the kitchen counter so buyers can review it.  If a seller is serious about selling and moving out, then this is the golden ticket.  No question about it.  Realtors in San Francisco used this to sell houses a few years ago when the real estate market tanked.  Houses sold.  Realtors stayed in business.  Buyers were thrilled that they got full disclosure.

It is an absolute Win/Win.

Today, Friday, April 17, 2015, I got the following email from a realtor who wanted to sell her own house and move away to be closer to her kids.  Comps may have suggested her house was at the high end for the neighborhood but her house was upgraded and gorgeous.  She was thinking she could sell it in three months if she were lucky and hoped she didn't have to compromise on the price.  I performed a pore-listing inspection and gave her a bound copy of the inspection report to show prospective buyers.


Byron: My house sold to the first persons that looked at it. They were impressed with your detailed report and I forwarded the Email on to the Agent and told them you would be willing to discuss anything on the report that concerned them. It is an All Cash 30 day escrow  - no contingencies or reports requested only the septic clearance. Should close on 5/18. I'm glad it went quickly but it still is a shock. I am not the selling agent only the listing agent. Guess God wants me to move.

Thanks again Byron for your part.