I Go the Extra Mile

As Ben Gromicko has written in a publication, "Different inspection companies have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, work ethics, and -- yes -- different pricing.  One thing for certain is that your home inspector should have experience and expertise.  Ultimately, a thorough home inspection depends heavily on the inspector's own effort.  If you will honor me ..."

But, what exactly are the differences that may help you make a good decision?  The Standards of Practice are minimum requirements -- the least an inspector can do and still claim he has performed a home inspection.  That may work sometimes but many times it does not.  A more dedicated approach and a more conscientious mindset could provide you with information you could use to negotiate repairs or even a better purchase price.

My own personal standards of practice compel me to leave no stone unturned.  I get a good look at the room regardless of what it takes.  I have a drone with a camera that I sometimes use to take a video of the roof from which I save still pictures.
  On some inspections, I rent a hydraulic lift to safely evaluate the condition of the roof.

I crawl on my hands and knees under the house but I also have a remote control car with a camera to take a look-see, and I usually come out with a spider web hairnet complete with various mini-corpses.  You will know what's under there and what condition it is in.

I examine the model and serial number on everything that has them and I report on those.  There is a famous appliance manufacturer whose dishwashers rather consistently get recalled.  You will be given a separate report on appliances and mechanicals and if there is a recall, you will receive a repair free of charge

It is often difficult to find the source of moisture instrusion (leak) without an infrared camera.  A leak from the roof can very slowly destroy a wall, develop mold, then rot and perhaps eventually termite infestation.  

I have been known to go back a day or two later to doublecheck something the client is anxious about.  I don't simply assume that the report is infallible, although I constantly strive to make it infallible and bullet proof.

I answer countless questions on the phone from recent clients until I am certain that they are 100% satisfied with their choice.